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Spare Bridge Parts

The Deuce Bridge is an innovative bridge design for the upright bass. It provides stability along with volume and tone with it's light weight, flexible and durable design. The Deuce Bridge also features fully adjustable pickup wings for quick piezo pickup settings. The design is encouraged to focus on the motion of the strings and the top of the bass. You can see the echoes of tradition in it's shape however it weighs only 6 oz, about an ounce lighter than a standard maple bridge. The Deuce Bridge center piece is guaranteed for life so it is the last bridge your bass will ever need.


Piezo Bridge Pickup



Star Adjusters

The Deuce Bridge


Baltic Birch Plywood Saddle


Adjustable Feet

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DBC Blaster by Vic's Pickups

Bridge / Clicky

​​​For Shadow RB Preamp


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