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...have to try this bridge!

"I had the pleasure to play the Vic Ferrari Symphony on the Rocks concert last night with my brand new custom Deuce Bridge.  I have to give my highest recommendation on this bridge.  I experienced a stability in tone, ease of play, beautiful overtones and pure crushing fundamental I have never had before with my standard bridges.  To all bass players - jazz, rockabilly, and orchestral - you have to try this bridge!  This is a game-changer!!!"
Tim Perkins

Highly recommended.

"Highly recommended. Fixed issues with my lefty Slap King bass strung righty. Buy it."- Fred Cacace

...amazing craftsman...

"We are proud to be Sponsored by Deuce Bridges. These guys are amazing craftsman and do absolutely amazing work. Deuce Life Forever" - Robbie Bell

...more resonance...
"Wow! fitted my new Deuce yesterday (took about an hour) and played a totally acoustic rehearsal last night. Noticed more volume, more definition and more resonance. My band mates all said they heard me much better. Looking forward to an amplified gig on Friday night." - Marty Forrer

"The install was super easy and it sounds great!!!! It's amazing the difference compared to my old wooden bridge. Both plugged in and acoustic. Plus it blows people's minds since they've never seen anything like it." 

Marvin Carr

...improved tonality...

"I have two basses and two of these bridges. 
Coincidence? I think not. Resistant to tipping over (especially while slapping), improved tonality and volume, ease of use for mounting pickups, and handmade in the U.S. of A. Plus top notch customer service. If you own an upright, you owe it to yourself to drop a Deuce Bridge on it."- Jason Hoyt

...blows people's minds!

The Deuce Bridge is an innovative bridge design for the upright bass. It provides stability along with volume and tone with it's light weight, flexible and durable design. The Deuce Bridge also features fully adjustable pickup wings for quick piezo pickup settings. The design is encouraged to focus on the motion of the strings and the top of the bass. You can see the echoes of tradition in it's shape however it weighs only 6 oz, about an ounce lighter than a standard maple bridge. The Deuce Bridge center piece is guaranteed for life so it is the last bridge your bass will ever need.

...more full sound...

"I got the deuce bridge for one reason - it does not fall down.  The design does not allow it. Upon installing and playing I found it made my acoustic sound louder and have a more full sound.  I'll never go back to a wood bridge. I've broken and warped too many to waste my money on them.  For what I play and how I play - this is the best bridge there is." - Kenneth Long

Deuce Life!​

...no more falling bridge...
"The Deuce Bridge more than doubled the acoustic volume of all 3 Basses. The vertical foot is genius - no more falling Bridge in the middle of a set. I believe you should patent your design if you have not already."
Lance Bakemeyer


...the best bridge...

"Hands down the best bridge you can buy for your upright!" - Chris Saunders